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bacon, salt pork

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Q: What does tocino mean in spanish?
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How do you spell bacon in spanish?


What are other terms for tocino?

Tocino means bacon in Spanish so another word for tocino is bacon. Bacon is also very similar to pastrami.

What is bacon burrito in spanish?

Burrito con tocino/tocineta Depending on where exactly you are, the Spansh word for bacon can be Tocino or Tocineta

How do you pronounce bacon in spanish?

Tocino (pronounced 'tawTHEENaw') ('tawSEENaw' in Latin America) ('TH' as in 'thin')

When did José Belizón Tocino die?

José Belizón Tocino died in 1997.

Why is brown sugar used in making tocino?

Because brown sugar adds color to the tocino.

Is tocino a kind of meat preservation?

Yes. :)

Do they have bacon in Mexico?

Yes; it is called tocino.

What is the general objective of tocino?

croissant filled with pork

What is the word 'egg' when translated from English to Spanish?

Huevo (pronounced "WAY-bo"). The h is silent, so don't say "HWAY-bo".

How do you say bacon in French?

The true French word for bacon is lard (masc., "lahr"), but the type of bacon that Americans and English commonly eat for breakfast isn't very common at all in France. So you will also often find the English word in French contexts, which they give a sort of hybrid pronunciation: "beh-ee-koh[n]" (with the typical French "on" nasal vowel at the end).

How do you say bacon in spanish?

Salchichas is used in reference to both Hotdogs and Sausages There is also a pork sausage that the Spanish call "Chorizo" which is a little more redder and a tad more spicy than regular sausage.