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"I am studying the Japanese language."

Watashi wa = I am

Nihongo = Japanese (language)

Obenkyou = Study

Shiteimasu = I am doing (the aforementioned verb)

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Q: What does watashi wa nihongo obenkyo shite imasu mean?
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How do you say I am just learning Japanese sorry in Japanese?

You would say, "Zan'nen watashi wa, chodo nihongo o benkyo shite imasu" This literally translates into, "I'm sorry, just learning the Japanese language"

How do you say i am stuck on this question in Japanese?

Google translator states it as "Watashi WA kono shitsumon ni tachiōjō shite imasu"

How do you say Japanese in hiragana?

Names as a rule aren't translated, they follow the person. A Japanese person might not get the pronounciation just right, but would still try to say "Harry".

How to say pregnant in Japanese?

Pregnant (n) ninshin shite iru 妊娠している。 eg: I'm pregnant. watashi WA ninshin shite imasu. 私は妊娠しています。

What is the Japanese word for are you still studying?

'Mada benkyou shite imasu ka.'

What is what are you doing in Japanese?

ogenki desuka

How do you spell is absent in Japanese?

You may say '[...] kesseki shite imasu' or '[...] inai desu.'

How do you say i'm so in love with you in Japanese?

Watashi wa anata wo totemo ai shite imasu 私はあなたをとても愛しています

How do you say you have diarrhea in Japanes?

下痢しています Geri shite imasu "I have diarrhoea"

How do you say i am in love with you in Japanese?

Anata ni koi wo shite imasu 'I'm In love with you'

Who do the Japanese say aboard?

Casually: 乗車している (jousha shite iru) Politely: 乗車しています (jousha shite imasu)

Do shite watashi ga kokoro itai yo?

This could be translated as "Why does my heart heart / why are my feelings hurt?"