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It means how are you; is everything alright?

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Everything's good with me.

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Q: What does wie gehts alles klar mean?
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Wie gehts dir in tagalog?

"Do you mean 'How are you?' in Tagalog?"

German - how are you?

Wie gehts?

How are you German word?

Wie gehts?

What does ve gates mean in German?

It's "Wie gehts?" and it means "How are you?"

How do you you say how is your day in German?

"Wie Gehts es Inen?" The formal phrasing. "Wie Gehts?" the familiar form.

Was heißt hallo wie gehts?

hallo, wie geht's = hello, how are you

Wie geht's alles in Ordnung what does it mean?

How are you; is everything okay? wie geht's = how are you ist alles in Ordnung = is everything okay/in order

What is Via Gates in Germen?

'Wie gehts'?

Wie gehts deiner familie und deinen eltern what does this mean in German?

How are your family and your parents?

How do you say how are you today in german?

Wie gehts heute?

How do you say hello whtas up in German?

Hi! Wie geht's?

Wie gehts mein guter freund bist du in danemark?

"Wie gehts mein guter freund. Bist du in Danemark?" = How's it going my good friend. Are you in Denmark?'