What is BTS engineer?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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A Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Engineer serves an important part in the cellular network communication field. The BTS engineer handles cell site installation, development, and commissioning of the Mobile Station (MS) network.

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Q: What is BTS engineer?
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What are the duties of RF engineer and BTS engineer?

An RF engineer is a specialist radio frequency engineer. He or she would specialize in a field, such as design or installation. A BTS engineer is a broadcast engineer, who would have many of the same duties, but in the field of broadcasting.

What is h difference between 2g bts and 3g bts?

3g BTS is greater than 2g bts. and it is with new technologies.

Difference between indoor bts and outdoor bts?

Indoor BTS: It is placed in a shelter Air-condition is must Very sensitive Outdoor BTS: No shelter required Air-condition is not a must Not very sensitive comparing to indoor bts

What is the power range of BTS?

GSM900 transmitted power from BTS: 39dBm GSM1800 transmitted power from BTS: 36dBm

How much distance between BTS to BTS?

typically 2km

What is use of fiu in bts?

FIU use in Bts for large number of channels

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How many volts does a bts uses?

By BTS, do you mean Base Transceiver Station? Such equipment can be found in cell phone towers. Usually a BTS runs on 48V DC.

How many number access by the one GSM BTS?

Typically one GSM BTS hardware can cover a few numbers. Also, some numbers can also be covered by more than one GSM BTS. Since one cell is covered by exactly one BTS, the cell id uniquely identified the concrete BTS.