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Q: What is English for Latin Deo confido ne unum crede?
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What is the Latin translation for Trust in the Lord?

there are multiple ways to say "trust no one" in Latin. the one I prefer is "ne unum crede" but others may say "ne humans crede" which literally translates to "trust no human". some others may say "confide nemini", but like I said I prefer "ne unum crede". Crede neminem.

What is the English translation for the latin phrase Clarus Unum?

Bright One.

What is the latin meaning of UNUM?

Unum is the neuter form of the latin word una or unus which means one. Unum=one.

What is the Latin 'castellum' in English?

"Castle" is an English equivalent of "castellum."The Latin word is a neuter noun. Latin has no definite articles ("the"). But the Latin equivalent of the indefinite article is "unum" ("a, one") for neuter nouns.The pronunciation is "kah-STEHL-loom" in the liturgical Latin of the Church and in the classical Latin of the ancient Romans.

How do you say your the one in Latin?


Latin word for penny?


What does a pluribus unum look like?

"E Pluribus Unum" is Latin for "Of many, one"

What does ut unum sint mean in English?

It's latin and means: "be one".

What is the Latin translation for the word one?


What is the Latin motto of the US that is found on coins?

"E Pluribus Unum", (From Many, One). The answer of "E Pluribus Unum" is incorrect. There is NO latin motto of the USA. The Congress with agreement by the President destroyed that motto in 1956 in favor of creating a religious division of the US and made the motto "In God We Trust." "In God We Trust" is the motto, any translation into Latin does not make it the official motto, the motto is set to English.

What is the Latin word for 'unity'?

One Latin equivalent of the English word 'unity' is unitas. The Latin noun may be translated as 'unity, oneness'. Another Latin equivalent is the number 'unus', which means 'one'.

What does the Latin words E Plurbus Unum stand for?

E Pluribus Unum means, "Out of many, one".