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Q: What is a good topic sentence for a gibbons monkey animal report?
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What is a easy animal to write a report on?

a fish, a bird, or a monkey maybe!

What is a good animal to do research on for a 5th grade school report?

A Monkey, lamb, peacock, fox, owl, ect.

How do you do a book report about a monkey?

to do a book report about a monkey just read a book and rite it

Use ecological in a sentence?

The park implemented an ecological restoration project to protect the native plant and animal species in the area.

How could you correct this sentence Him and me have a report to do?

Him and I have a report to do.

How do you make a sentence in a report stating the report is not exhaustive?


Is the Michigan monkey flower still endangered?

yes i just did a report on it

When do you capitalize Report in a sentence?

"Report" should be capitalized when it is the first word in a sentence, when it is part of a title or headline, or when it is a proper noun (e.g., "Annual Report").

Where do you report a dangerous animal?

To the dangerous animal shelter

To build a report with a customer What does the word report mean in this sentence?

report means nothing in this sentence. The word you are looking for is rapport and it means a relationship or bond with the customer.

A sentence with word recipient?

it is a sentence that report your def. it is a sentence that report your def.

What are the pronouns mistakes in when you do you report to the coast guard?

"When you do you report to the coast guard?"The first 'you' in the sentence does not belong, it serves no purpose.The sentence should read: "When do you report to the coast guard"?"