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Almost anything is acceptable in dialogue -- that just means what is spoken! People can say anything. Just remember to use your quotation marks and proper punctuation, and to start a new paragraph when a new speaker begins talking.

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Q: What is acceptable in writing a dialog?
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Can you put a comma at the end of a sentence in a dialog?

In informal writing, such as a text message or casual email, it is acceptable to use a comma at the end of a sentence in a dialog to indicate a pause or trailing off. However, in formal writing, like academic papers or professional correspondence, it is not standard practice to end a sentence in a dialog with a comma.

When are run-on sentences acceptable in writing?


Is it acceptable to leave the subject space blank when writing emails?

No is not acceptable to leave subject space blank

When writing dialog do you need to indent after each quote?

Yes, you indent each new paragraph.

Why is dialog important to descriptive writing?

its the that dialogue is set up one person is talking to another

Can you take quotes from non dialog?

Yes, of course you can "take quotes" from writing other than dialogue.

Is an ampersand correct grammar?

No. It is informal shorthand, not acceptable in formal writing.

Enlist all the Rules of dialog writing?""

What is dialog writing?

In a script, the screenwriter gives characters dialog to speak.The script writer notes a character's name, which sits on a line by itself, and under that, the words that the character speaks.Example:ADAMI can't get the cap off this bottle! Please help me.Proper formatting is always required, depending on the medium for which you're writing the script.

What mark of punctuation means more information to come?

A colon. In colloquial writing a dash (--) may be used, but this is not acceptable in formal writing.

Is .1 an acceptable form of writing 0.1?

Yes, but it is more likely to be read incorrectly.

How do you write 260 milliliter as a decimal?

260 ml is a perfectly acceptable way of writing it.