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Q: What is another name for home schooling?
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What exactly is a schoolhouse?

A schoolhouse is home education. Basically another well known term for it is "Home schooling". Most Home schooling is linked to an on campus school.

Should home schooling be banned?

No. Home schooling is great!

Where did Rabindranath Tagore got his schooling?

Home schooling

Is it even legal to unschool?

Yes of course! It is just another option, style and approach to home schooling.

Where can classes be found for home schooling?

Classes can be found for home schooling on sites like home schools, education next and many more. One will easily find classes for home schooling on these known sites.

What is the name of the orphanage by Mother Teresa in Kolkata?

Mother Teresa did not go to a school . she was given home schooling.

Where can I find a sample home school curriculum for mathematics?

Home schooling is catching on rapidly. You can get good information on home schooling at

What is another name for home trade?

Real Estate

How is public schooling better than home schooling?

Because your not a anti social

Where can one go to find home schooling online?

There are many websites that offer home schooling online, varying from kids to young adults. One can go to the K12 website to access home schooling resources.

Which teaching programs are recommended for home schooling?

Many parents consider home schooling. If you are considering home schooling you should find teaching programs that are accredited. There are many different teaching programs such as Uzinggo and Icademy.

Where can one buy kindergarten curriculum for home schooling?

If you look on line you will find many links to different home schooling for kindergarten children. One of the best kindergarten curriculum for home schooling of this age child would be K12 where everything can be tailored to suit each individual child. ABC Mouse is another site that will offer good guidance to planning a curriculum for early learning.