What is blue rose in Japanese?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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青いバラ (aoi bara) would mean "Blue Rose".

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Q: What is blue rose in Japanese?
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How do you say blue rose in Japanese?


Is there a rare flower that has just recently been discovered?

The Japanese created a blue rose.

How do you say rose in Japanese?

rose in Japanese : bara

Why is the Lexington called the blue goust?

The USS Lexington, which was painted blue and without camouflage, was nicknamed the Blue Ghost by Japanese propagandist Tokyo Rose, because Japanese aviators reported several times that they had sunk the Lexington, only to have her reappear again and again, like a ghost -- a Blue Ghost.

What is Mary rose in Japanese?

mary rose

What is 'rose garden' in Japanese?

'Rose garden' isバラ園 (baraen) in Japanese.

What is the phrase blue rose in Japanese?

I'm not sure, but since 'Aka' mean 'Blood red' and 'Bara' means 'Rose' It'd probably be AkaBara. (well technically that would be "blood red rose")

What shade of blue is a blue rose?

It depends where the rose grows and what rose it is. It could be dark blue, light blue, or a turpuoise color. These are the most popular colors

When was Blue Rose - album - created?

Blue Rose - album - was created in 1956-01.

Is there such a thing as a Japanese rose?

yes. there is

What is roses in Japanese?

Its called "bara" The Japanese writing for rose is: バラ or 薔薇 Bara.Rose in Japanese is 'ba la' ' 薔薇 'バラ (bara) is the Japanese word for "Rose".

When was The Blue Rose of Texas created?

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