What is finem respice?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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it's respice finem ray-spika fee-nim, it means Look toward the end; consider the end/outcome

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Q: What is finem respice?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Respice finem - 1967?

The cast of Respice finem - 1967 includes: Jan Kacer as Narrator

What is the meaning of finem respice?

look to the end A+

What is Marist College Eastwood's motto?

Marist College Eastwood's motto is 'Respice Finem'.

What is Modbury High School's motto?

Modbury High School's motto is 'Finem Respice'.

Which language is finem somnio?

"Finem somnio" is a Latin phrase that translates to "The end of sleep" in English.

How do you say endless love in latin?

Amor finem non habet, or Finem non habet amor, or Amor non habet finem.

What does ad finem mean?

It means, "To the end."

What is the definition of 'pugnate ad finem'?

The English equivalent of the Latin command 'Pugnate ad finem' is Fight to the end [or death]. In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'pugnate' means '[you all] fight'. The preposition 'ad' means 'to'. The noun 'finem' means 'the end'.

What is the motto of Ayr Academy?

The motto of Ayr Academy is 'Respice, Prospice'.

What does t. in cooking stand for?

If you what to cook you need to get the respice and then you will be a good cook

What is In Finem Dilexit Nos in English?

after all (he, she) chose, loved, us

What does Cum Deo ad Finem in Latin mean?

With God to the end.