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Q: What is never look back in Irish Gaelic?
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What is the Irish Gaelic for 'look'?

Féach! Look!

What does abite mean in Irish?

It doesn't look like an Irish Gaelic word.

How do you say would you look at that in Gaelic?

You need to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic: they are two separate languages.

What is the word dell in Gaelic?

In Irish, gleanntán; in Scottish Gaelic: ?

What does DJ or Dennis John look like in Gaelic?

In Irish it would look like "Donnchadh Seán".

What does the Irish Gaelic word Charo's mean?

It doesn't look like an Irish word to me. Perhaps the word is caróg (a crow)?

How would the name William look written in Irish Gaelic?

UilliamLiam is more common currently.

What does the Gaelic word rapparas mean?

Never heard of it; it doesn't look like Gaelic with two 'p's.

What is the Irish word van in English?

Unless you mean 'veain' which is a borrowing of the English 'van' it doesn't look like an Irish word.

How many letter are in the Irish alphabet?

The Irish alphabet, also known as the Gaelic alphabet, consists of 18 letters.

What is Gaelic word for look?

Scottish Gaelic is a 'coimhead.Irish Gaelic is cuma.

Is ith leat a Gaelic phrase?

Ith = eat (as a command to one person) leat = with-you. It doesn't look like good grammar in Irish.