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Q: What is the Japanese word for comet?
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What is comet in Japanese?

The word for "comet" in Japanese is "ほうき星," or "houkiboshi." It is pronounced "hoe-kee-boh-she." You may also use the word "suisei" (pronounced "swee-say").

What is the word 'comet' when translated from English to Japanese?

彗星 (すいせい) suisei

What is the Japanese word for English word comet?

彗星 /sui sei/ means 'comet' in Japanese. 流れ星 /na ga re bo shi/ is the Japanese term for 'shooting star'. 流星 /ryuu sei/ also means 'shooting star, meteor' but more in scientific/literal usage.

How did the comet get its name?

from the greek word comet, meaning "to comet"

How do you say comet in Japanese?

彗星 Suisei

What is the German word for comet?


What is the Japanese word and its pronunciation for English word comet?

彗星 /sui sei/ : comet 流れ星 /na ga re bo shi/ : meteor, shooting star (more common/folklore etc usage) 流星 /ryuu sei/ : meteor (more literal/less common usage)

What does the spanish word cometa mean?

it is likely you mean Comida which means food

What is one synonym for the word asteroid?


What is the Hindi word for comet?

धूम्रकेतु dhūmrakētu

Who discovered comet hyakutake?

Comet Hyakutake was discovered on January 30, 1996 by Japanese amateur astronomer Yuji Hyakutake. He made the discovery using a pair of binoculars.

Domiudsai a word in Japanese?

This is not a Japanese word.