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Q: What is the different types of composition?
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What does different types of Hershey's chocolate have different melting type?

They have different composition.

What happens when you change the composition of a mixture and a compound?

When you change the composition of a mixture, you are altering the relative amounts of the substances mixed together, while their chemical properties remain the same. In contrast, changing the composition of a compound involves altering the elements that make up the compound, leading to the formation of a new substance with different chemical properties.

Composition porosity permeability particle size are used to describe different types of?

Composition, porosity, permeability, and particle size are used to describe different characteristics of sedimentary rocks. Composition refers to the minerals and materials present in the rock, porosity measures the amount of space between particles, permeability measures the rock's ability to allow fluids to flow through it, and particle size refers to the size of the individual grains or particles that make up the rock.

Why do planets have different colors?

due to various gaseous composition and different types of soil

How many types of cement are there according to the composition?

There are three different types of cement,Ordinary portland cementPortland pozzolana cementSpecial cements.

What determines how different types of volcanos are created?

The formation and composition of the magma, and the local subterranean geology.

Why are there so many types of magmas?

The diversity of magma types is mainly due to variations in composition and characteristics of the source material in the Earth's mantle. Different minerals and rocks within the mantle melt at different temperatures and pressures, leading to a wide range of magma compositions. Additionally, factors like depth of melting, presence of water, and tectonic settings can all influence the characteristics of magmas.

What chemical formula does glass stand for?

Glass is a silicate; many types of glass exist, with very different composition.

Can different types of salts grow different types of crystals?

Yes, different types of salts can result in the growth of different types of crystals. Factors such as the chemical composition, ionic structure, and size of the salt crystals can all influence the shape and appearance of the crystals that are formed.

Why do different types of limestone have different amount of calcium carbonate?

Different types of limestone have varying amounts of calcium carbonate due to differences in their formation processes. Factors such as environmental conditions, mineral composition, and the presence of impurities can contribute to variations in calcium carbonate content. Additionally, geological processes such as pressure and temperature can also affect the composition of limestone.

How long it will take for steel to melt at 370 degrees c?

It depends on the composition of the steel as there are many different grades and types of steel.

Chemical composition of non living things?

Basic Geology lists over 200 different types of non living minerals.