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The Philippines has hundreds of dialects spoken depending on the place where the person lives. Filipino is the national language in the Philippines. It is important that Filipinos learn this language for better understanding of one another. It is learned that Filipino language is an effective tool not only for the advancement of the society but for resolving conflicts all over the land.

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one of the most important element for us to be identified as filipinos.

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what is the importance of filipino language

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Q: What is the important of the filipino language?
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What is language in Filipino?

"Wika". Filipino language means "Wikang Filipino".

Why is filipino language important?

The Filipino language is important as it serves as a crucial tool for communication among the diverse ethnic groups in the Philippines. It also plays a key role in preserving the country's culture and heritage. Additionally, being able to speak Filipino opens up opportunities for job prospects and social interactions within the Philippines and among Filipino communities worldwide.

What is juice in Filipino language?

juice in Filipino language: katas

What is scallop in Filipino language?

scallop in Filipino language: kabibe

What does queen mean in Filipino language?

queen in Filipino language: reyna

What is scapegoat in Filipino language?

There are many Filipino languages. What one were you thinking about

What is password in Filipino language?

The word for "password" in Filipino is "password."

What is the importance of English language to us filipino?

It is very important to know English when you go to abroad and to have a better job, so filipino have to learn how to speak in English.

What are the 5 macro skills in Filipino?

The 5 macro skills in Filipino are listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing. These skills encompass different aspects of language proficiency and are important for effective communication in Filipino. Practicing these skills can help individuals become more proficient in the language.

What is the Translation of curiosity in filipino language?

The translation of "curiosity" in Filipino language is "kakuryusan."

What is the Filipino language of summary?

Filipino Translation of SUMMARY: buod

What is i love you in Filipino language?

"I love you" in Filipino language is "Mahal kita."