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Q: What is the lowest IQ or SAT ever accepted at Yale?
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What is Yale's SAT scores?

Mid-range SAT scores at Yale are:700-800 in critical reading710-790 in math710-800 in writing

What is the minimum SAT score for Yale?

There is no "minimum" because schools like Yale take into account a wide variety of factors for admission; SAT scores are only part of it. You can be accepted to a school even if your standardized test scores are below the average. However, there are statistics on the average scores of the middle 50% for Yale. Here is what is listed:SAT Critical Reading: 700 - 800SAT Math: 700 - 780SAT Writing: 700 - 790

What are the academic requirements to get into Yale including ACT and SAT scores?

The average SAT score for Harvard is a 2200.

What is the minimum SAT score needed for yale university?

Sorry, Their is no answer at this time.

What is the average SAT score of admitted freshman to Yale?


What is the GPA to get into NYU?

Most students that get accepted into NYU have a GPA of at least 3.4. A GPA of 3.6 gives students a higher chance of getting into this university. The average SAT score for these students was about 1700.

What is the average SAT score of the entering freshman students at Yale University?


What score on the SAT do I need to make to get accepted into this engineering school?

ReadingMathWriting 25%75%25%75%25%75% 580710620750590710 These are the SAT scores that you would need to get into Berkeley engineering school there the lowest possible scores for any engineering school.

What score do you have to have on your sat to get accepted into a university?

C and above anything below you won't get accepted.

What GPA and sat scores do you need to get into Yale university?

your SAT scores must total to about a 1500 and your GPA should be about a 1.9 you'll probs get in with those grades

Can you get accepted to college before you send your SAT scores to them?


What SAT scores do you need to be accepted to UC?