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It is believed that the oldest cave in the world may be the Soudan Mine in Tower, Minnesota. Researchers have dated the original cave to 2.7 billion years old and it is made of Ely Greenstone. It is just under 2800 feet below surface in depth.

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Q: What is the oldest cave in the world called?
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Where was oldest artwork in the world that was found in a cave?

in California

How is the Chauvet Cave unique?

The Chauvet Cave is unique because it contains a vast array and unique collection of cave paintings dated up to 32,000 years old which makes them the oldest cave paintings in the world.

How old is the oldest cave?

The oldest known cave is the Cave of El Castillo in Spain, which has been dated to be around 40,800 years old based on cave paintings found inside.

What is the name of oldest known cave of representational images?

The oldest known cave with representational images is the Chauvet Cave in France, which dates back to around 30,000-32,000 years ago.

Which is the world's oldest lake?

The worlds oldest lake is in Russia, and is called " Lake Baikal".


chauvet cave paintings

What is the worlds oldest drawing?

The image you seek may exist on a cave wall somewhere in the world, and may be undiscovered as of this date.

What is the oldest of arts?

Chauvet cave paintings.

What is the oldest warship in the world called?

uss constitution

Why does it called chauvet cave who named the work?

The Chauvet Cave is named after the person who discovered it, Jean-Marie Chauvet, in 1994. The cave contains some of the oldest known cave paintings, dating back over 30,000 years, and is considered a significant archaeological find.

Why is Denmark called the oldest kingdom?

Denmark is the oldest still existing kingdom in the world. Officially since 995 AD. Japan is the oldest still existing empire in the world and thereby the oldest monarchy.

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The worlds oldest restaurant in the world is situated in Madrid Spain and is called The Botin.