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kitta nai kokoro

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Q: What is the opposite word for pure heart in Japanese?
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What is the Japanese word for pure at heart?

純情 (junjou)

What is the opposite word in Hindi for KALANK?

The opposite word for "kalank" in Hindi is "shudh" which means pure or clean.

What is the word 'pure' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is the wordPureblood When translated from English to Japanese?

there is actually no real word in Japanese for pure blood, seems strange but they think of themselves as pure blood Japanese us as foreigners and the likes of my children as halfs. the word for half-blood, half-breed is half. theres a word for hybrid but not pure blood

What is the Japanese word for pure?

純粋な, or junsuina

Which word means the opposite of contaminated?

The word "pure" is often used as the opposite of contaminated. It implies that something is clean, uncontaminated, or free from impurities.

What does the Japanese word kokoro mean in English?

The word 'kokoro' means "heart" in Japanese. It's written as 心.

How do you translate the Japanese word haato into English?


What is the Japanese word meaning heart?

There is "kokoro" or "haato". Written in Japanese they would be 心 and ハート respectively.

What does mune mean in Japanese?

Japanese word "mune" is literally "chest". In context, though, it may mean "heart" in an emotional expression, such as in English we say "heavy heart" or "my heart leaped"

What is the Japanese word meaning pure angel?

Jinsuina tenshi! jin-shoi-na-tenshi!

What is another name for pure?

1. Pure in heart means that one truly opens their heart and mind to truth. Also, one who is pure in heart is without guile, or in other words, thinks kindly toward others. Here the word "kind" fits but seems to not be enough. 2. Another use of the word "pure" is to be "clean", sometimes this word is used to mean morally clean, or not having sexual relations with anyone but your husband or wife. The word for sexual purity is "chaste".