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i think probably Japanese or Chinese and so on are pretty hard to learn. wonder why.

the spelling is quite different but those alphabets, whoa !! Arabic, polish and some people say finnish are the hardest languages to learn.

actually i speak finnish as my mother tongue..

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Q: What is the second hardest language to learn?
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What is the hardest type of language to learn?

Arabic Is Definatly The Hardest Language To Learn And So Is Japanese,Correction:There's actually no such thing as a "hardest language to learn". It just depends on the person, their native language, and their motivations for learning.

Is japanese one of the hardest languages to learn?

Yes, Japanese is often considered one of the hardest languages to learn for English speakers due to its complex writing system, grammar structure, and honorifics. It also has different levels of formality which can be challenging to master. However, with dedication and practice, anyone can learn Japanese.

What is the hardest European language to learn?

The hardest European language to learn is subjective and can vary depending on the individual's native language and language learning experience. However, languages like Hungarian, Finnish, and Icelandic are often considered challenging due to their complex grammar rules, unique vocabulary, and unfamiliar phonetic systems.

Is it true that English is the hardest language to learn?

not at all

Why is so hard to learn English?

English is the hardest language to learn hun'.

"What's the hardest language the learn"?

The hardest language to learn fluently? Here's the answer. The hardest language to learn is most likely to be Chinese. It takes 7 years of fluency. By the time you are born and you start speaking Chinese, and after 7 years you are too good for it. If you're a Chinese reading this, I suggest you learn other languages. (Not just Chinese.)

Which languages are the hardest in the world?

Tagalog is one of the hardest language to learn because it is very complicated.

Is English one of the hardest languages to learn?

It can be challenging due to its irregularities in spelling, pronunciation, and grammar rules. However, difficulty in learning a language is subjective and can vary based on an individual's native language and exposure to English.

Is English hard to learn?

well it is the hardest language to learn!! try Google translator it will help you!!

Is talking the Brazilian language hard?

yes it is one of the hardest languages to learn

What is second language acquisition?

I think it is when you learn a second language. Like, if you speak English as your first language, then learn to speak Spanish fluently, you acquired Spanish as your second language.

Which language is the hardest to learn grammatically?

Most likely English. English is very difficult for many people, as a second language. It's grammar is so complex. Even native English speakers have a hard time with it, sometimes.