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Yūkan na

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Q: What is the translation of brave from English to Japanese?
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What is the english translation for the latin defensor fortis?

Brave defender.

Translation for tu from Japanese to English?

"tu" is not a valid Japanese syllable and therefore, could have no translation as it has no meaning in Japanese.

What is the translation in Japanese for Rap?

"Rap" stays English in Japanese, just as "tsunami" remains Japanese in the English language.

What is the translation from Japanese to English for deer?

It is 'shika.'

English to Japanese translation for north?


What is the word 'share' when translated from English to Japanese?

The Japanese translation for share is wakeaimasu. or you can go to an online English to Japanese dictionary.

What is the Japanese translation for zakura?

do you mean the English translation for sakura cherry blossum

What is the English translation for Forti NiHil Difficilius?

Nothing is too difficult for the brave.

What does okay mean in Japanese?

The translation of english 'okay' to Japanese is 良い

What is the Japanese translation of the English word 'apricot'?


What is the word Shura when translated from Japanese to English?

the closet English translation is "carnage"

What is the word 'mermaid' when translated from English to Japanese?

the nearest translation/japanese equivilent is 'ningyo'