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Salary's and benefits

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salary and benefits combined

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Salary's and benefits

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Q: What represents an employee's total compensation plan?
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What represents employees total compensation plan?

Salary's and benefits

What do a employees get under a cafeteria plan?

an option to pick benefits to be included in their compensation package

What is the definition of a total compensation plan?

salary and benifits combined

Why do employees prefer benefits?

This understanding will allow you to intelligently compare the total compensation packages of various job offersThis understanding will allow you to intelligently compare the total compensation packages of various job offers.this understanding will allow you to intelligently compare the compensation packages of various job offers

Which of these is the best description of a total compensation plan?

the wages and benefits an employee receives at a job...

Does employer have offer the same benefits to all employees or can they offer different benefits to each employee?

In the USA, all employees in the same "category" have to be offered the same benefits. For example, in a large company, the 'Executives' can have a different compensation plan than the 'Regular' employees' out in the shop. But all the hourly employees whose jobs have essentially the same work content, would fall under the same compensation plan, even if their hourly wage was different. The key to categorizing employees is work content, not job title, or even pay rate.

What are the amounts of contributions a person can make under the 401k plan?

Total employer and employee contributions are subject to an overall annual limitation. which is the lesser of 100% of the employee's compensation, or $51,000. The amount employees can contribute under a traditional, safe harbor, or automatic enrollment 401(k) plan is limited to $17,500 in 2013.

What does total annual compensation include?

Total annual compensation would include base salary, any commission you would have made, any bonuses you would have received, and your health benefits package, i.e. medical and dental plan value.

Disadvantages of Compensation Management?

The disadvantage of a compensation would be not receiving any kind or amount of compensation and you would not have anything in your hand. The benefit would be in receiving an amount of compensation for any reason or purpose and having some usable amount in your hand that you can use for all of the necessary living expenses and any thing else that you would to choose to use the compensation plan amount for.

An architect's compensation package includes the total cost of a 250 -per-month health insurance plan the total cost of a 35-per-month life insurance plan and a salary of 55000 per year . what is the?


Why would a deferred compensation be needed?

Deferred compensation is when an employee is paid some of his wages at a later date instead of when it is owed. One would get deferred compensation when one has a pension plan or a retirement plan.

Define the meaning of a deferred compensation plan?

The phrase "deferred compensation plan" is defined to mean a compensation package in which the recipient will receive the funds at at future date. Examples include pensions and retirement plans.