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As long as the student and teacher do not have contact for a while after he or she graduates and the "run into each" other then nothing its noones business

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Q: What will happen if teacher marries former student?
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Is it illegal for a teacher to text message students?

No, it is no more illegal for a teacher to text a student than to email a student. It would be inappropriate for such to happen without the prior knowledge of the parents of the student, but not illegal.

What will happen to a student in a teacher and student relationships?

You two will be found out (probably by one of your mortal enemies) and he/she will threaten to give you away if you don't give him/her what they want. They will tell somebody and the teacher will be thrown in the slammer all because he had to resort to a student to get some.

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If a student leaves school is it ok to have a relationship with a teacher?

It would be legal, I think, if a student and teacher marry each other after the student is no longer a real "student" of that school or any school. However, you'd have to have the student's agreement to marry them and I don't think any teachers should be marrying people they have taught. Legally it is allowed if the student is over the age of 18. Some places might allow it if they are over 16, with parental permission. I've known it to happen in two instances. One was a high school student who married a teacher after graduation. The other was a college professor who married a student.

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