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Q: What word means turning add one letter to outer?
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What 6 letter word means TURNING?


A six letter word that means the outer atmosphere of a star?

Corona. It is also a Mexican beer.

Five letter word meaning To convert into vapor?

A five letter word which means to convert into vapor is steam. It is the process of heating or boiling water and turning it into vapor.

What word starts with the letter H in outer space?

Hubble telescope is an outer space word. It begins with the letter h.

What is a six-letter word for turning?


A word that begins with b for outer space?

Big dipper is an outer space word. Black hole is another outer space word that begins with the letter b.

What is a 4 letter word for outer garment?


What is the word that means the process of turning into a city?


13 letter word with 3 T in it?

Entortilation is one, it means turning into a circle.A good website for problems like that is ...Another seven areAttributivelyBiostatisticsProstatectomyMetatungstateHeterotactousAntiattrition ( has 4 letter T's)Interstratify

What word means the same as not affected by the outer world?


What 3 letter word has an apostrophe after the first letter?

I've is a word that means I have. I'll is a word that means I will.

One word that means turning folding or twisting?