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It varies from school to school. But in the late 90s most schools had internet.

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Q: When did schools use the internet?
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What internet browser do schools use?

Depending on the school and its location, typically most schools use the standard Internet Explorer

What percent of schools have internet access?

50% of public schools have internet access for their students to use.

Why don't schools let us use all the internet instead of some of it?


What is Edutyping?

it is a website that is and most schools use this program and it is an internet based program for typing

What is the wifi pass word for Knox county schools?

Knox Schools Wifi - internet - its literally just internet. No caps, no spaces. Just internet.

Which of these was not a result of the internet?

The use of VCRsApex-

What areas are computers used in?

actually computers can be use in any area an outlet is located but for internet you would have to buy hospitals schools & colleges airport metro

Wil the internet make the schools disappear?

No, I don't think the internet will make schools disappear because some people don't have computers and some prefer learning at a schools instead of in front of a computer. And that is why I think schools will not disappear due to the internet. :D

Where can one find websites offering internet schooling?

There are many websites available for searching internet schooling such as the official online schools website as well as schools programs and the directory of schools website.

Can a wireless card pick up wireless Internet connection anywhere?

Surely Possible and it has happeneded a boat load of schools use it

What is the use of school when there's internet?

In schools, the internet can serve as a way for students to collaborate on assignments (Google docs), submit assignments to teachers through specified websites, or do research. In companies, the internet can allow co-workers to communicate about projects they're involved in (through email, primarily), and as with schools, co-workers can collaborate in real-time on projects with the use of Google docs and the like. There are of course other possible usages, but schools (and probably companies) impose limits as to the usage of the internet during work/school hours.

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One can get training in Spider Web designing at hundreds of online web graphic deisgn schools on the internet. The best one to use is the W3 Schools website.