Best Answer> store ==> PSAT You purchase the download but the cost is 0.00.

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no idea but ill check

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Q: Where can you find 2007 and 2008 PSAT test answer key and scoring sheets?
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How can you tell whether you did better on the PLAN or the PSAT when they are on different scoring scales?

It doesn't matter about different scoring scales. You campare the percentages.

Is there anyway you can get psat scores again if you lost them?

PSAT scores are sent to the schools, so if you have lost your PSAT scores, ask the guidance counselor at your school for the score report.

Where can I go for PSAT prep online? psat is preliminary schlostic aptitude test.

Do colleges see PSAT scores?

Yes they check your PSAT SAT and grades and everything else

What do the percentiles on the psat score report mean?

how students compare with other psat test takers

What has a maximum score of 240?

psat test score PSAT, the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test

What is the PSAT prep course schedule?

Yes, you will have to attend class everyday to take the PSAT the PSAT is a Test that will tell colleges how smart you are and will help you get in to Universities. Hopefully you are smart enough!

how much does psat practice tests be useful in the preparation of psat exam?

It is always a good idea to practice and study as much as possible. This will ensure that you do the best you can do. There are free practice tests online available

Do you have to write an essay on the PSAT?


Is the SAT much harder than the PSAT?

The SAT is generally considered to be more challenging than the PSAT. The SAT covers more advanced material and is longer in duration compared to the PSAT. Additionally, the SAT is used for college admissions purposes, while the PSAT is primarily a practice test for the SAT.

What are some good psat test prep?

The PSAT is a practice version of the SAT. It is normally not necessary to practice or prep for the PSAT as it is a practice test itself. If you are really interested in studying before you can purchase many books about the test from

Is a 155 psat score good for a sophomore?

Actually its pretty good but remember that the PSAT is alot easier then the SAT. anyways Good Luck!