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According to the authoritative Oxford English Dictionary, the word scissors originates from late Middle English, derived "from Old French cisoires, from late Latin cisoria, plural of cisorium 'cutting instrument', from cis-, variant of caes-, stem of caedere'to cut'. The spelling with sc- (16th century) was by association with the Latin stem sciss- 'cut'"

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Q: Where did the word scissors come from?
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What is the word scissors in the German language?

"Schere" is the German word for "scissors"

Is the spanish word for scissors masculine or feminine?

The Spanish word for scissors, "tijeras," is feminine.

How do you spell scissors in indonesian?

The Indonesian word for 'scissors' is GUNTING.

How many phonemes in the word scissors?

There are four phonemes in the word "scissors": /s/, /ɪ/, /z/, /əz/.

What does concise and scissors have in common?

The both come from the original Latin root caedere, meaning "to cut."

How can you use the word scissors in a sentence?

She used the scissors to cut a hole in the paper.

What another word for scissors?

Other words for scissors are clippers,shears,or trimmers

Should scissors be followed by is or are?

Generally, the word "scissors" isn't (is is used here since we are talking about a word) used by itself, but follows the counter pair.Thus, instead of saying something like"This/These scissors is/are quite sharp!",we would say something along the lines of"This pair of scissors is quite sharp!" or "These pairs of scissors are quite sharp!"Do note that instead of placing the deciding factor on the word scissors, we turn to the word pair instead.Hope this helps!

What is the French word for scissors?


What is the word scissors in french?


'scissors is on the desk' is it right?

No, it is not. The word "scissors" is a noun (and although it ends in an S, it is singular); in the sentence you are asking about, it would need an article. There are two ways to do this: if you are pointing it out by name, you would say, "It is a scissors." (It's not a rock, nor a tree, nor a knife. It's a scissors-- that's what it is called.) But if you are differentiating one pair of scissors it from others, you would say, "It is the scissors I borrowed from my sister."

Can you give me an example sentence using the word scissors?

Can you please pass the metal scissors Daniel?