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Complete sentences

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that is correct for apex thank you!!!
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I dont know

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Q: Which element should formal writing always include?
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What should you always avoid in formal writing?

Slang or filler words

Which topic would lend itself only to a formal style of writing?

One example of an appropriate topic for formal writing would include a speech for an award acceptance. A scholarly research paper also requires a formal style of writing.

Is fivefold a compound word?

Yes. In formal writing, it is always used as a combination of two words: five and fold, which are joined by hyphen (Five-fold), whereas in less formal writing it is used in a manner you have used it.

What is the role of formal writing in our age of technology?

what is the role of formal writing

What is a formal writing activity?

A letter of resignation would be formal writing.

What is the meaning of weil?

From its definition in the online dictionary, ". . . In formal [German] writing, weil is always a subordinating conjunction. . . "

What part of speech should rarely be used in formal writing?

Interjection is the part of speech rarely used in formal writing.

Which of the following is a characteristic of speaking as compared to writing?

Speaking is more formal than writing (apex)

How do you write anything in newspaper form?

Try putting it in columns, formal writing and include quotes. Hope this helps :D

Are essays always formal?

Essays are always formal.

What is the Proper punctuation for salutation sir or madam in a formal letter?

Formal salutations are always followed by a colon. (Dear Sir Only in informatal writing do you use a comma. (Dear Sue,)

Which uses the correct verbs for formal speech or writing?

Single verbs are used for formal speech or writing.