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MBBS degree is a Bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery. A PhD degree is an advanced degree, which means it is beyond both The Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

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Q: Which is higher mbbs or Ph.D?
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Is a Ph.D higher than a doctorate?

A PhD is is considered to be the highest academic degree one can achieve so the PhD is higher.

Can mbbs bds bams prefix dr?

No they are not supposed to use. Only with MD and Phd can be used. It is just traditionally they all and physiotherapists are using prefix.

What is the Qualification of Dr. Amitabh Malik of paras hospital Gurgaon?

MBBS from manipal academy of higher learning

Which of the two degrees is higher doctor of philosophy or doctor of medicine?

PhD requires study to a higher level

How do you get admission for mbbs?

Definitely Yes Campushunt is here to get admission for students to study for their higher studies. Campushunt is a leading education portal focused on maximizing student-potential and helping them plan their higher studies.  If you are looking for Mbbs admission Campushunt will help you get the Best Mbbs college in India. In my opinion, BGS GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES BANGALORE is one of the best Mbbs colleges in Bangalore. They providing quality medical training and comprehensive health care in a socially responsible manner. Visit Campushunt for your reference.

Abbreviation of MBBS?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery MBBS Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary MBBS Mouth Big Brain Small MBBS Managed Broad Band Service MBBS Mitochondrial Benzodiazepine Binding Site MBBS Mian Biwi Bachon Samait

What is education in us?

Higher education in USA is more than PHD or M.Phil

Can you do MBBS after BE?

I think it is possible If you have to appear for the entrance test, Which comprises multiple choice questions from physics, chemistry & biology from class 11th & 12th.So one can do MBBS also not a deal because test for the admission & criteria for the admission is same for MBBS & BDS. If you are checking for any college admissions contact campushunt they will help you to get best higher studies.

What is MBBS expansion?

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. The expansion MBBS refers to the undergraduate degree program that trains individuals to become medical doctors.

Is a Ph.D degree higher than a doctorate degree?

It is the same thing....a PhD is a doctorate

Is dvm equal to mbbs?

i think dvm is better than mbbs

What is cut off list for govt MBBS in maharashtra?

MBBS-1 2011