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The answer is,,,, how?

For the penn foster test the answer is c.

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Q: Which of the following questions is a thinker doer most likely to ask?
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What Thinker doer most likely to ask?

A Thinker is most likely to ask questions that require critical thinking and analysis, seeking to understand the underlying principles and logic behind a concept or idea. They may ask questions that challenge assumptions and explore different perspectives.

Who was The first renaissance woman?

The first renaissance woman was Isabella d'Este. she has this tital 'cuz she was a doer thinker.

What changes in management functions and skills might occur as one is promoted up a management hierarchy?

As you are promoted, you become less of a doer and more of a thinker. The company is relying on your expert knowledge to progress the organization's objectives.

Who is Gary Doer?

Gary Doer is the Canadian Ambassador

Is doer a word?

No, I do believe that "good doer" is two words

Is good doer a word?

No, I do believe that "good doer" is two words

Does the ab doer really work?

no the ab doer is a total ripoff

What is doer and receiver?

In grammar, a doer is the subject of a sentence that performs the action, while the receiver is the object that receives the action. For example, in the sentence "John (doer) gives (action) the book (receiver) to Mary", John is the doer and the book is the receiver.

What state had doer war?

It's called Dorr's Rebellion, 'doer' is a typo. It was Rhode Island

When was Gloria Doer born?

Gloria Doer was born on December 19, 1938, in Berlin, Germany.

Who is the doer of thuhfathul mujahideen?

Doer of Thufathul Mujahideen is a type of gene. This gene goes back into history.

What is the doer of action?

An actor.