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In a capstan model the tight side tension is on the side which is being pulled against the direction of the angular velocity this is usually denoted as T1.

Slack side tension is denoted as T2

equation relating the two:

T1/T2 = eu0

0=theta, u=mew

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Q: Which side have more tension in belt drive whether tight side or slack side and why?
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How Slack side and tight side happen in open belt drive?

due to the rotation of pullies.larger pulley pulls the belt from smaller pulley so tight side appears and it releases at top so slack side

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it should have 1 inch to 3/4 inch slack in it

What does a belt tensioner do on an engine?

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What is the effect of centrifugal force on the power developed in belt drive?

centrifugal force independent on tight side & slack side. And depends only velocty of belts only.

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Pin the top tension idler pully..take the front wheel off...the bottom idler pully is on an excentric...loosen same....belt goes slack.... put new belt on,set the excentric as tight as possible.. remove the pin in the top tension idler pully belt should be tight after doing this... happy days

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when belt move from tight side to slack side there is some extansion in the belt, and when it again move from slack side to tight side the compression will occur and the change in the lenght of the belt due to which there will be relative motion between belt and pulley and creep will occur.

How do i now the Timing belt tension on a escort rs turbo 1989 with out the right tool?

I would just buy the proper tool. If the belt jumps a tooth because it's to slack or breaks because it's to tight, it will cost you a darn lot more than the tool.