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Nursing because you need to care for eny kids who have strokes or fall and fait a lot allso because nursing is a gentle art thet has been used to help all in need allso get a major in teaching just in case they whant you to teach them things they need to workon or to try ton help them be a little less speical and if you get angry easy don't do it at all.

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At American universities, all students take general education classes from the same list. Check with the university's admissions department or the undergraduate general catalog. Your adviser is also a good resource

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Some of the college courses that are required are child care training, CPR course, nutrition course.

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Q: Would college have special need's classes for special need's student's?
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What courses do you need to take at college to work with disabled and special needs children?

At most schools, you will take the core classes required for all students during your first two years of college. If you want to work with students with special needs, you probably would major in special education. However, it is always good to talk with a college advisor to explain what you want to do in the way of a career. An advisor can suggest the major that would help you to attain your career goals.

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