Y como te gustan los hombres?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Literally: "And how do you like men?"

Could mean a couple of different things, but it's most likely asking you what characteristics you like in men (short/tall, eye color, personality type, etc.)

Culturally, it sounds like there's some flirting & "sizing you up" going on with that question, too.

This is sort of a "game" that's played in "indirect communication-type" cultures.

Whoever's asking this question isn't coming out and saying what he/she REALLY wants to know...& what he/she REALLY wants to know is if he (or her son, brother, etc.) is up to your standards & if he would get shot down if he asked you out.

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Q: Y como te gustan los hombres?
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What does no you gustan los hombres casados mean?

"You" is not a Spanish word. In this case, it should be ""No te gustan los hombres casados". It means "You don't like married men".

What does you gustan los dulces mean in English?

"Gustan los dulces" translates to "you like sweets" in English.

What does te gustan los mean?

Do you like the sports?

Do you love nigerians in spanish?

¿Te gustan los Nigerianos?

How do you say you like elephants in spanish?

"Te gustan los elefantes"

What does te gustan los Latinos mean?

It means "you like Latinos".

How do you translate into spanish you love dogs?

Te gustan los perros?

What does tu me gustas pero no te conosco yo no soy como todos los hombres tengo que in english?

I like you but dont know you, I am not like all the guys you know

How do you say.. Do you like white boys in spanish?

¿Te gustan los chicos blancos

How do you say you love Spanish men in Spanish?

Women saying this:Le / les / te / os encantan los hombres españoles.Me encantan los hombres españoles/de España.¡Me fascinan los hombres españoles!

How do you say Gustan Los Deportes in English?

A reflexive pronoun is needed here to define the sentence. Me, te, le, nos, os, les. Example: Me gustan los deportes is "I like sports".

Why do you love cats so much?

"Por que te gustan tanto los gatos?"