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Just go on hardest game in the world

(On addicting games)

It is very hard but I got to level 10 and it is literally impossible but yoy could do it, someone did it on YouTube!!


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Q: You are a kid you are bored What do you do?
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What should a kid do when bored?

play games

What actors and actresses appeared in Bored - 1999?

The cast of Bored - 1999 includes: Darren Walsh as Angry Kid

what should I do when I am bored at home and I am a kid?

You can try engaging in some leisure activities such as riding a bike, playing a bored game, or even reading a

Why is Angry German Kid so angry?

He is not angry. He just did cuz he was bored.

How do you use the homophones bored and board in one sentence?

He's a ten year-old kid who could ride his skateboard all day and never get bored. He had to attend the meeting with the board of directors, but he said he was bored and won't go again.I was so bored sitting on my surf board when there was no waves.

Can you be a kid on Sims 2 psp?

affaffsfs no im not sure ITALIC BOLD W00T -_- IM BORED

What causes you to be bored in school?

Well, school is always boring for every kid. When I'm bored in school, I start saying that I want to go home because I don't like school.

What is the highest level in Skull Kid?

The game Skull Kid has only two levels. After the second level is completed, Skull Kid goes to the boss. This is a game for frustrated and bored office workers as Skull Kid kills his co-workers and then the boss.

You are 10 and really bored on the computer?

not me but i just got a kid who wanted to know how to send "mean messages over the internet"

Why is my kid watching the same movie over and over again?

Have you asked him/her why? Maybe it's because they absolutely love the movie. Or there bored.

You are a kid and you are bored and don't want to read a book or anything school related and its raining outside What do you do?

you can play football Well when I get bored I draw, go on computer, go on games console, read my favourite magazines, or listen to music.

What is the falling point of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick rules?

he actually got along with his brother ad that his friends went on vasction and he was bored