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There are 3 basic steps to improving your memory. But I can't remember what they are.

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Q: How to improve memory?
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Can spinach improve your memory?

Yes, it can improve your memory because it has a lot of vitamin B! :D

How does learning a new language help improve your memory?

Learning a new language tests the skills of your memory. Keeping your memory active helps to improve memory function.

What types of mental exercises improve working memory?

Meditation, memory verses and riddles are some examples of the mental exercises that improve the working memory.

Increasing VRAM video memory will improve in which computer uses?

Increasing VRAM video memory will improve in which computer uses?

Does chocolates improve your memory?


How do you improve memroy?

You can improve your memory by playing certain games that exercise your memory such as matching. You memory is a muscle like any other and needs to be exercised to become stronger. is a good website for games to improve your memory, though you need to pay for many of the games. Also, getting the right amount amount of sleep can drastically improve your memory.

Where can I find more information on improve memory?

You can go to a website on how to improve your memory. You can also do puzzles like crossword and math puzzles that have been proven to help your memory.

Where is it possible to play games that improve memory?

There are a number of sites where one can play free games that improve memory. Some of these sites include 'Brain Matrix', 'memory-improvement-tips' and 'Memory Zing'.

Does doing a crossword puzzle improve memory?

Many physicians suggest that doing crosswords and other puzzles are good ways to improve your memory. The Ninetendo DS and iPod Touch have similar programs designed to help improve memory.

How Can you Improve your memory tips?

you can improve your memory easy by purchasing the ds lite and then the game called brain training, this has helped my memory alot hope this helps. x x

How did virtual memory management improve computing?

by making is better in memory managment

What is the best way to improve your memory?

The best way to improve your memory is to do memorization exercises, such as trying to remember a specific set of words or images.

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