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The ballast is a transformer that steps the voltage up higher than its incoming voltage.

This is usually used with flourescent, metal halide, & sodium vapor lights.

The higher voltage is needed to 'excite' the gases within the bulbs and make the molecules bounce around and give off light.

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Q: What is the purpose of ballast in lighting?
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Where is the ballast in strip lighting?

The ballast for strip lighting is in the wire raceway. Strip lighting is bolted together in sections. Every section has a ballast for ever set of lamps that hang below the wire way. When wired, these ballasts are all parallel connected together and when sourced with voltage they will all come on at once. The whole strip of lighting will illuminate.

What is the purpose of a ballast?

to stabilise tracks

Why is your strip light buzzing?

If your terminology of strip lighting is fluorescent lighting, the buzzing will be the ballast. The laminations are becoming loose and that is the 60 Hz frequency that you hear when the lamination plates in the ballast hit together.

Where can a HID ballast be bought?

A HID ballast can be purchased from Amazon or eBay. The term 'ballast' is used to describe large inductors used to limit AC current for fluorescent lighting.

How do you ground a fluorescent light ballast?

If the fluorescent lighting ballast is attached to a metal lighting fixture the grounding occurs through the metal of the fixture and the screw that holds the ballast in place. Other wise you need to add a gounding clamp or a grounding pig tail to the metal of the ballast. This would only be done in custom installations.

Do you add the ballast and light wattages together?

No. Just make sure that the ballast you use is rated for at least as many watts as the lighting you plan to operate with it.

What are the purpose of ballast tanks?

to control the buoyancy of a submarine

What is the function of ballast in hpsv lamp?

The function of any ballast in a lighting fixture is to raise the voltage high enough to strike an arc through the bulb or tube.

What is the purpose of a ballast resistor in a car?

a ballast resistor drops voltage. In chrysler products it drops to six (6) volts.

What is ballast and trapped fuel?

On occasion, ballast is required to bring the centre of gravity within operational limits. There are two methods of carrying ballast: - Ballast (hold loaded) -Ballast fuel: the fuel used for this purpose is called ballast fuel. Trapped Fuel:The fuel in an engine or fuel system that is not in the fuel tanks

What is the purpose of the ballast in a boat?

To keep the boat sitting properly in water.

What is the purpose of having sensor lighting?

The purpose of having sensor lighting is that the lighting may be activated or deactivated depending on the detection of motion. This is convenient for lighting path ways at night or for security concerns.

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