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Open it (open of fopen), read the data (read or fread), then close it (close or fclose).

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2009-02-10 11:21:56
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Q: How do you extract the contents of a file in C?
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How do you use WinRAR archive?

You install winrarIf you have a rar file with the extension .rarRight click on the file .When you right click on the file you will get an extract optionChoose the place you want to extract the contents of the rar file .

Write a C program to extract a given word from a file?

program to extract a given word from a file

What do you do with a zip file in Linux?

A zip file is a compressed archive of one or more other files. Just as in Windows, you should extract it to access its contents. From the command line, do unzip to extract all the contents to the current directory. There are also graphical frontends such as Ark that can extract it as well.

How to erase the file contents using c language?

opening the file in write mode will erase the contents. fopen("myfile.txt","w");

How can PSP run rar files?

It can't. You need to extract the contents of the .rar file in order to use them.

How do you read contents of file using C?

read, fread, fgets...

How do you use rar files?

The RAR file type is a type of compressed file. The contents of the file can only be accessed by using a decompression program that reads RAR files such as WinRAR. When you open the RAR file with an applicable decompression program you will be given the opportunity to extract its contents similar to a ZIP file.

What software converts RAR to AVI?

.RAR is not a type of video file. it is a compressed archive. You must extract the contents of the file using WinRAR before you can use / convert it.

How do you extract the contents of the zip file into the cpanel?

You have to go into the file manager then find the place where you want the zip to go then click upload and browse for the zip. It should be on the server now and then select the zip and click extract in the top right corner.

Write a C program to extract a word from a delimiter text file?

not yet found

How do you convert rar to iso?

RAR and ISO are forms of file compression formats. In order to convert a RAR file to ISO file, one needs to first extract the contents of the RAR into a folder. After this, use ISO creating softwares such as Power ISO or Brasero to convert the folder contents into one ISO file.

How do you extract gbi file?

use gburner to extract gbi file.

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