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cite an advantage of digital circuit over the analog circuit

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Q: What are the advantage of digital circuits over analog gates?
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What is use of logic gates?

All digital electronic circuits are composed of logic gates. Without logic gates there would be no digital electronics.

What is analog simulation?

Analog system simulation is more sensitive to the changes in the parameters compared to the digital system. This is because of the continuous nature of the analog signals, unlike the discreet nature of the digital signals. Digital systems have gates which can not be used in Analog system.

Is a transistors an analog device?

yes transistor is analog device because it can process the analog signal . But it can also used as digital devices as we know transistors are used for manufacturing logic gates and several digital devices as multiplexer and decoder encoder and memories also. it is the basic element of digital devices.

Why logic gates are called as logic gates not boolean gates?

Logic gates are the basic building blocks of digital circuits or systems. these digital circuits are used to implement several combinational and sequential operations. these operations include starage, timing, arithmetic, coding, communication etc. Hence, implementing the boolean algebra is not the only purpose where logic gates are used, hence, it is opt to call them as logic gates rather than boolean gates.

Can logic gates have analog input?

It's an ambiguous question, because technically all signals are analog. The short answer is no. By asserting they are logic gates, you are supposing digital logic criteria and analysis: high impedance input, nominal output impedance, the transistor's operating regions are either saturation or cutoff, and the I/O signals are analyzed in discrete steady-states. Digital signals are applied to logic gates as the distinction of "digital" establishes the above signal criteria and circuit operation.

What is digital elctronics?

The implementation of two-valued logic using electronic logic gates such as and gates, or gates and flip-flops. In such circuits the logical values true and false are represented by two different voltages, e.g. 0V for false and +5V for true. Similarly, numbers are normally represented in binary using two different voltages to represented zero and one. Digital electronics contrasts with analogue electronics which represents continuously varying quantities like sound pressure using continuously varying voltages. Digital electronics is the foundation of modern computers and digital communications. Massively complex digital logic circuits with millions of gates can now be built onto a single integrated circuit such as a microprocessor and these circuits can perform millions of operations per second. (2006-01-14)

What are digital logic gates?


What is the use of pseudo nMOS gates in digital design?

These circuits use nMOS for implementation of a whole gate + one pMOS which is connected between positive supply and nMOS.

Digital electronics logics gate?

and gates or gates nor gates nand gates are the electronics logic gates.

What is better-digital or analog communication?

It depends on applications. At the middle - short distances analog communication can be much more efficient than digital. If you work in communications, you may find the explanation - why? in IEEE Comm. Letters, vol.16, no. 5, 2012, pp.573-576, as well as in my Research Gates Profile. With regards.

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