What is a diode?

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It is a semiconductor device with two terminals, typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only. It may also be termed as the electronic component with two electrodes known as the anode and the cathode. Most diodes are made with semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium, or selenium. The diode acts as a valve in the electronic and electrical circuit.

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Q: What is a diode?
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Which are types of diode?

zener diode,led,pin diode ,photo diode,laser diode,point contact diode,varactor diode are some examples for diodes

How is zener diode different from a conventional diode or ideal diode?

zener diode :zener diode operates under reverse bias voltageideal diode :ideal diode operates under forward bias voltage

Can a diode be used as rectifier diode?

yes, diode can be used as rectifier diode to convert ac to dc

What is impatt diode?

The read type diode are called impatt diode

What is the function of diode what is the function of diode?

A diode is used primarily as a Rectifier

What is gun diode?

symbol of gun diode symbol of zener diode

Which is better light emitting diode or laser diode?

Laser diode

How do you test a diode?

To test an ordinary semiconductor diode use a multimeter to verify that it conducts in one direction but not in the other. Testing of other types of diodes (e.g. zener diode, tunnel diode, gunn diode, Peltier heat pump diode, photodiode, PIN diode, varactor diode, light emitting diode, LASER diode, vacuum tube diode) is more complicated and often requires special test equipment unique to that type of diode.

What is Zener resistance of the Zener diode?

zener resistance of a zener diode is the resistance of the zener diode but which is the resistance of a diode

Where is a Mercedes w124 diode?

Diode for what?

Which is better injection laser diode or light emitting diode?

Laser diode

What do you mean by damage of a diode?

A light Emitting Diode.... Light Resistat Diode ...

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