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' Iterative solution

Function iterativeFactorial(ByVal n As Long) As Long

Dim factorial As Long = 1

For i As Long = 1 To n

factorial *= i


Return factorial

End Function

' Recursive solution

Function recursiveFactorial(ByVal n As Long) As Long

If n <= 1 Then

Return n

End If

Return n * recursiveFactorial(n - 1)

End Function

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Factorial is a Mathematical Function.

Factorial returns the product of all numbers from 1 to itself

e.g. Factorial 5 = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120

It is expressed as n! = factorial of n

To implement it in Visual Basic, there are two methods-

Function factorial(ByVal n as Integer) as Integer

If n =< 1 Then factorial = 1:Exit Function

factorial = n * factorial(n-1)

End Function

Function factorial(ByVal n as Integer) as Integer

factorial = 1

Dim a as Integer

For a = 1 to n

factorial = factorial * a

Next 'a

End Function

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dim num as integer, factorial as single

num=inputbox("enter a number")

factorial = 1

for x = 1 to num

factorial = factorial * x

next x

print"factorial is" ; factorial

or By Recursive Method

Private Function FindFactorial(number As Integer)

If number < 1 Then

FindFactorial = 1


FindFactorial = number * FindFactorial(number - 1)

End If

End Function

' recursive is faster and simpler for finding factorial

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Q: What is a factorial function in Visual Basic?
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