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That means, the header of a function. The header is the top part, before the opening braces.

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Q: What is meant by function header in java?
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List out the java header files?

No header files in Java.

Header files in Java programming?

Java does not require header files like C/C++.

Which header file is used in pacakages java program?

Java doesn't use header files.

Is header files in c are similar to packages in java?


Why doesn't Java use header files?

A header file in C is used to import the features of parent classes in our class. The same feature is provided by the import statement in Java hence the header files are not used.

What is header function definition in c language?

No predefined 'header' function in the standard C libraries. There are header files, if that's what you mean.

What Java header file meaning?

Source code written in Java is simple. There is no preprocessor, no #define and related capabilities, no typedef, and absent those features, no longer any need for header files. Instead of header files, Java language source files provide the declarations of other classes and their methods.

When is header file executed and why?

Never, and the reason is that header files are not meant to be executed.

Which header file must be included to use the function pow?

The std::pow() function can be found in the <cmath> header.

What is meant by the term SetTimeOut?

SetTimeOut is a term that is used in Java programming. It refers to the time it takes for a function in a program to time out or stop. SetTimeOut is a vital function.

Difference between header file and library file?

Header file contains only the declaration of the function being used. While, the library file has the files of the declared function in the header file.

C Coding of sine function?

Function sin in header math.h

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