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reinforced concrete

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Q: What is the name given to concrete with iron bars through it?
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What type of materiel is reinforced concrete?

a mixture of cement and water, reinforced by iron bars that run through it.

What is a sentence for iron?

I had better iron these pants! Reinforced concrete uses iron bars for strength. Let's try to iron out our differences.

What is a sentence for Ironic?

I had better iron these pants! Reinforced concrete uses iron bars for strength. Let's try to iron out our differences.

How can you use strengthening in a sentence?

This wall is strong because of iron bars strengthening the concrete.

Can iron bars be painted in order to stop rust when concreted?

No, after painting iron can not make a strong bonding with concrete, the purpose of painting is the prevention of rusting but rusting process occurs in presence of carbon dioxide and moisture, when iron bars are sealed in concrete the rusting is not possible.

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What was the archetypal use of iron in building construction?

a form of masonry reinforced with imbedded iron bars that is regarded as the precursor of reinforced concrete. English builders began relying on iron in the construction of factories about 1850

Why are iron bars put in concrete for buildings?

The bars, commonly referred to as "re-bar" are there to reinforce the concrete so as to minimize the chance of collapse.answ2. Concrete is strong in compression, but weak in tension.In a well designed reinforced beam, the compressive strength of the concrete will be matched to the tensile strength of the reinforcing.The outer 25mm or so of concrete outside the reinforcing is not counted in the calculations, for it can experience tension!

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