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Most big electronics stores (such as Dixons, Comet, Currys etc) sell digi-boxes. You can even buy them on -line from Amazon or eBay.

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Q: Where do you buy analog to digital converters for tv?
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What are digital converters used for?

Digital converters are used to convert an analog input into a digital current. They also have converters that covert from digital to analog. These are used for older model TVs that need to take a newer digital technology input but the tv still requires analog.

Can I convert an analog TV to a digital TV?

You cannot convert an television from analog to digital however, they do have converters that can connect to the analog televisions which allows the user to watch digital television. These converters are available at places like Wal-Mart or can be ordered from an online source such as Amazon.

Can a analog video cassette recorder record from a digital television?

Not without a converter. The inexpensive converters used to convert digital TV to analog for older sets should work.

What is device used to convert digital signal to analog signal or analog signal to digital?

The devices are known very simply as analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters. They are frequently shorted to A-D and D-A converters. A complete analog to digital converter will not only convert the analog signal into a set of numbers, it will also format the digital data ready to deliver to the next step in the signal chain. In television, this means generating a fairly complex stream of data that will carry not only the picture but audio and other data as well. Digital to analog converters reverse the process and use the incoming data to generate an analog signal. In television, well know examples are the digital set top boxes. They receive digital data from an antenna and convert the numbers into analog audio and video signals.

Where can one buy analog to digital tv converters?

Analog to digital television converters are a popular item that are widely available in department stores, electronic stores, discount stores, office supply shops, home improvement stores, warehouse clubs and even some dollar stores such as Dollar General. Online, they can be ordered from both Amazon and eBay.

How can you get TV service without cable?

It depends.... 1. Buy an digital tv (Sdtv or Hdtv) plus an antenna. 2. Analog tv (if you have an older tv), buy a digital to analog converter box plus an antenna. 3. Analog tv and antenna connected to digital DVD or digital VCR.

Are digital converters necessary for every home?

The only time you will be in need of a digital converter is if you currently own an analog television that is connected to an over-the-air antenna signal.

Do you need a digital tv if you install a digital antenna?

No you do not need a digital tv if you have a digital antenna. But you will need a digital to analog converter box if you have an analog tv and a digital antenna.

Is GE TV Model 27GT617 analog or digital?

27" Analog.

How is digital television transmitted?

Digital television is transmitted by using different frequencies from analog TV. The digital broadcast is sent on the previously used analog channel's frequency.

Can casio tv 980-d be converted to digital?

Old analog type TVs cannot just be "converted" to digital. You will need a converter box or buy a HD tv.

Can a digital TV receive analog signals?

Yes if it has a NTSC Analog tuner and No a ATSC Digital Tuner will not receive NTSC Analog and vice versa.

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