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Scripts are used in many fields to automate tasks, reduce human error, and streamline processes. In the context of computing, a script is a set of instructions that can be executed by a computer program to perform a specific task.

In the early days of computing, most tasks were performed directly by the user through a command-line interface. As the complexity of tasks and the amount of data that needed to be processed increased, it became impractical for users to manually execute all the necessary commands. This led to the development of scripts, which allowed users to automate repetitive tasks and control multiple programs and processes at once.

Scripts also provide an easy way for users to customize and extend the functionality of existing software without the need for programming skills. This made it possible for non-programmers to automate tasks and perform complex operations using a simple set of instructions.

Scripting also allowed developers to create new programs by combining existing tools and libraries, which made software development more efficient and cost-effective.

In short, the need for script came from the need to automate tasks, reduce human error, perform complex operations and customize existing software.

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Bommasani Nagendra

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If you mean, why were writing systems developed, it was because that made it easier to pass on information.

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Q: Why was the need for a script felt?
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