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As long as the solar cells powering the transceiver (transmitter/receiver), that device should work on the moon.

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Q: Would a solar-powered receiver transmitter work on the moon?
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Will a solar powered FM receiver transmitter work on the moon?

yes it could

Will a solarpowered FM transceiver work on the moon?

Solar panels work in space, so do FM transceivers, so yeah, sure! Your radio won't make a sound though :-)

Does a solar powered FM Receiver work on the moon?

All you would hear is fuzz because even though it would be powered (the moon receives sunlight) it wouldn't pick up any radio stations.

Where can an eme transmitter be used?

Earth Moon Earth (EME) transmitters can be used from any location with regular vision of the moon. The transmitters rely on sending signals that bounce to the moon and back to a location on earth.

Does a solar powered FM Transmitter work on the moon?

Yes, It does. You must remember that the light of the sun reaches there and this allows it to work. Otherwise any factor of the moon does not prevent it from working

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Why can't we use the moon for communication purposes just as the man made satellites?

The Moon has several problems that make it insuitable for communications purposes at this time: - It is very far away, so a signal would take about 2.7 seconds to make the round trip to the Moon and back, many communications require much shorter delays than this. - It is very far away, so signals would tend to dissipate a lot going in both directions and would be relatively weak once they reached their destination and require a proportionally more powerful receiver or transmitter. - It is very far away, so it would be difficult to put a relay station there and difficult to maintain any relay station after it was in place. - There is only one of them, so only about half of the Earth's surface has a line of sight to it at any one time. For these reasons, artificial satellites orbiting the Earth are considerably more effective for communications than a relay station on the Moon would be.

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