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When writing a paragraph using chronological order, the use of temporal words is needed. Sentences can include the terms first, next, then, after that, and finally, among others.

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Q: A five sentence paragraph using chronological order to arrange the details of the paragraph?
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Write a five-sentences paragraph using chronological order to arrange the details of the paragraph about patience and time?

When I got this homework assignment, I couldn't be bothered doing the work myself. I decided that night when I got home that I would use the extremely helpful site I carefully copied the question from my homework into the computer. And then I waited patiently for a few days. At the end of that time, my patience was rewarded with this five-sentence paragraph which I am hoping to hand in without doing any work whatsoever.

When revising a draft what should you do if you find details in a paragraph that do not support its topic sentence?

Revise the details to support the topic sentence

How do you use the word paragraph in a sentence?

The details of my explanation may require more than one paragraph.

What is the difference between a topic sentence and supporting details?

A topic sentence introduces the main idea or point of a paragraph, while supporting details provide specific information or evidence to support that main idea. The topic sentence acts as a roadmap for the paragraph, guiding readers on what to expect, while supporting details help to reinforce and elaborate on the main point.

What to have in a paragraph when writing a story in middle school?

Every paragraph should have a topic sentence (which tells what the paragraph is about), several supporting details (sentences that give examples or explain the topic sentence) and a concluding sentence (which wraps it up or leads to the next paragraph.)

When a paragraph is unified It what?

A unified paragraph is one in which all sentences are closely related to the topic sentence.

What does commentary mean in a paragraph?

Commentary means a explanation of the way the facts, details and or examples in a paragraph or essay support the topic sentence.

Which element of a paragraph gives specific descriptive details about appearance or actions?

Topic Sentence

One way to develop a paragraph around your topic sentence is?

To use concrete details

What should a supporting paragraph include?

A supporting paragraph should generally include a topic sentence that introduces the main idea, supporting details or evidence that expand on the topic, and a concluding sentence that reinforces the main idea and transitions to the next paragraph. The details provided should be relevant, clear, and connected to the main idea presented in the topic sentence.

What a paragraph?

A paragraph is normally 3-5, or 4-6 sentences long depending on the teacher grading your essay/paragraph. It should have a topic sentence, at least 3 details and then a concluding sentence or thesis statement.a paragraph that introduces a subject in the topic sentence and gives three examples of the subject in the body

What is all included in a body paragraph?

A body paragraph typically consists of a topic sentence that introduces the main idea, supporting details or evidence to develop the main idea, analysis or explanation of the evidence, and a concluding sentence that summarizes the point of the paragraph.