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If you are refering to the "God", yes. If you are refering to a "god", no.

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Q: Are you supposed to capitalize god in a sentence?
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Are you supposed to capitalize six?

Only if it is a name or the first word in a sentence.

Are you supposed to capitalize underground railroad in a sentence?

Yes I have reason to believe that its capitilized

Are you supposed to capitalize the word god?

Yes, capitalize allnames for deity like God, Almighty, Holy Spirit, Creator, Lord, Father, Messiah, etc.

Are you supposed to capitalize goddess in a sentence?

No, because it is n ot a proper nou n.

Is it wrong to say but God in a sentence?

There is nothing wrong with saying "but God" in a sentence. However, you must remember that when you capitalize God, you are doing so because you are talking about a god who's name is "God." If you are just referring to any random god you would not capitalize that.

Would you capitalize the word he in the middle of a sentence?

Only if you are referring to God.

Is children supposed to be capitalize?

Generally speaking no, unless it is the first word in a sentence or if it used in a title.

Do you capitalize artist in a sentence?

No you do not capitalize artist in a sentence

Does morning supposed to be capitalize in a sentence?

Only if it's the first word or someone's name. It's not a proper noun.

Are supposed to capitalize greek in a sentence?

Yes, Greek should always be capitalized because it is aproper nou n.

Do you need to capitalize himself in god himself?

Yes. Because God is someone special. And you do need to, but it's not like you really have to capitalize his name, so if you don't capitilize your sentences, that's fine. Because your not used to capitizing things you say. And also when you are creating a sentence, of course your going to capitalize your sentence But if you don't usually capitalize your sentences, I don't think you need to worry about it, but if you love God, capitalize his name. Plus, you always have to capitalize a name. Its proper grammer. :)

Do you capitalize chickenpox in a sentence?

You do not capitalize chickenpox in a sentence. The exception is if the word is the first in the sentence.

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