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no. static characters support the role of dynamic characters. a dynamic character is usually the main character who's personality changes throughout the story, usually after an important lesson has been learned. static characters are usually secondary and stay the same throughout the story.

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No. A dynamic character changes over the course of a story, while a static character remains generally the same.

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Q: Do dynamic characters support the role of static ones?
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Are static characters usually more interesting than dynamic ones?

It ultimately depends on personal preference. Some people find static characters intriguing because of their consistency and clear identities, while others prefer dynamic characters for their growth and evolution throughout a story. Both types can be interesting in their own ways depending on the context and the impact they have on the story.

What character is a character that changes throughout the story?

I think you are referring to a 'dynamic' character as opposed to a 'static' one. Dynamic characters grow and change as the story progresses whereas static characters are the ones that stay (sometimes stubbornly) constant. Main characters are often dynamic, especially when there is a lesson to be learned.

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