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Yes we do. IF you have our discount card, then wifi is free in the cafe'. However, if you don't have a Millionaire's Club Card that you renew annually then it will cost you $3.00 per day. The membership card is $20.00 per year and you will receive 40% off the top 10 hardback bestsellers, up to 20% off of hundreds of items, 10% off everything in the store, Joe Muggs Cafe' and online. You also gain access to special member discounts, such as the Members Only One Day Sale, and extra savings on all sales. If you shop online you get 46% off bestsellers, lower prices than other online stores, and free shipping for all purchases over $25. You get your membership the day you join, and your 10% off right then, around $50 in coupons sent to your email just for signing up followed by weekly coupons, and a free $10 eco-friendly Books-A-Million Tote Bag, along with the free WiFi in the cafe'. With all the discounts and savings, you can have your $20 back in two-three visits, then you get to save for the rest of the year. It's an awesome deal! I mean, seriously, I work there and renew my card every year! Lots of times the discount card gets me better deals than my employee discount does!

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Q: Does books a million have WiFi?
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