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No - it does not mean Jackie in english. "Hedwig" is the English language equivalent for "Jadwiga"

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Q: Does jadwiga mean Jackie in English?
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How do you say Jadwiga in English or Hedwiga in English?

Jadwiga is pronounced yädˈvēgä (Polish). I imagine those unfamiliar with the name (English speakers) would pronounce it the way it looks. Hedwiga is pronounced hedwēgä. -Hedwiga (named after my great grandmother Jadwiga)

What is the birth name of Jadwiga Boryta?

Jadwiga Boryta's birth name is Jadwiga Nowakowska.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jadwiga - 1918?

The cast of Jadwiga - 1918 includes: Eva Speyer as Jadwiga

What is the English translation for Jadwiga?

Hedwig is the English language equivalent. it is NOT the feminine of Henry as I mistakenly thought as a kid. (Henrietta and Harriet are), as is the Italian Enrica.

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