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It is the use of a title or epithet to address or refer to someone or something rather than using the proper name.


A. "Professor D.C. Ray" for Death Ray

B. "the Iron Duke" for Duke of Wellington

C. "the Iron Lady" for Margaret Thatcher

D. "Auld Reekie" for Edinburgh

E. "the Philosopher" for Aristotle

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Q: Examples of antonomasia
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Example of antonomasia?

An antonomasia is a form of metonymy in which the substitution of an epithet or phrase for a proper name. Well known examples for an antonomasia are "The King of Pop" for Michael Jackson and "The Dark Knight" for Batman.

Examples of antonomasia figure of speech?

The King of PopThe World Boxing ChampionThe Soul Siren

What is an antonomasia?

An antonomasia is a substitution of an epithet or title in place of a proper noun.

What is antonomasia in word formation?

Antonomasia is a rhetoric device which is a substitution of any epithet or phrase for a proper name, such as "the little corporal" for Napoleon I. The reverse process is also sometimes called antonomasia. The word derives from the Greek verb

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Meaning of antonomasia?

Antonomasia is the use of a title instead of a proper name or the use of a proper name for expressing a general idea. Examples would be:- Smooth move, Einstein!- Oh come on Scrooge, it's Christmas!- Calm down, tiger!- Ask Mr. Know-it-all!- Okay, Tarzan, climb down from the trees please!

What is an antonomasy?

An antonomasy is an alternative name for an antonomasia, a substitution of an epithet or title in place of a proper noun.

What are the 11 processes of word formation?

1- Compounding 2- Derivation 3- Invention 4- Echoism 5- Clipping 6- Acronymy 7- Blending 8- Back-formation 9- Folk Etymology 10- Antonomasia 11- Reduplication

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What is the meaning of antonomasia?

The use of some epithet or the name of some office, dignity, or the like, instead of the proper name of the person; as when his majesty is used for a king, or when, instead of Aristotle, we say, the philosopher; or, conversely, the use of a proper name instead of an appellative, as when a wise man is called a Solomon, or an eminent orator a Cicero.

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