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Q: How do you punctuate the abbreviation for reference in a business letter?
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Related questions

What is the abbreviation for a business letter addenda?

Enc: abbreviation for enclosure; addenda for business letter

What is the correct way to punctuate the salutation of a business letter?

To Whom It May Concern:

What is The optional feature in a business letter is the?

Reference. Apex Uses of Business Letters

How do you use the word reference initials in a sentence?

After writing the business letter for my boss my reference initials were included

What are the two special parts of a business letter?

Two parts found on a business letter that are not used in a personal letter are:the inside addressthe reference line

How important to use optional parts of a business letter?

The optional parts of a business letter are only important if they are applicable. For example, a reference line would not be necessary for all business letters and serve no purpose unless there was something specific to reference. If the letter is sent to the recipient only, there would be no need to use the "cc" reference; or if nothing is included with the letter, the "encl." notation would be of no importance. If any of the optional parts of a business letter are applicable, then they are important to use.

What is the 3 letter abbreviation for Maine?

it is not a 3 letter abbreviation it is a 2 letter abbreviation and it is MA

What part of a business letter is this the meeting should take no more than two hours?

That part is the reference letter.

Is it right to start a business letter with Further with reference to your letter dated?

I think it should be: - Further to your letter dated ..... or We refer to your letter dated ....

What are the miscellaneous parts of a business letter?


What is the extra part of a business letter?

Optional parts of a business letter are:letterhead (use senders address for plain paper),reference lineenclosures listedcopies notation

Are reference initials always typed on a business letter?

No, a reference line on a business letter is optional. The reference line is used when a specific piece of information is the subject of the letter, such as a contract, an account or invoice number, a particular product or service, etc. The reference line makes it easy for the recipient to find that piece of information for follow up without having to search through the letter to find it. A thank you letter or a general information or request letter does not require a reference line; the purpose of the letter is stated in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the letter.

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